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About Us

About Us

Founded in 1979, ANJ has been a relentless advocate of the legitimate interests of Brazilian newspapers. It promotes studies and initiatives aimed at the development of newspapers, protects the freedom of our press, and represents Brazil at sister international organizations. A key priority for the Association is to boost the status of Brazilian newspapers in the advertising industry and increase the share of dailies in that marketplace.

The current ANJ governing board has selected the following three key objectives:
- Defense of freedom of the press.
-  Strengthening Brazilian newspapers in the marketplace.
-  Appreciation for the role of newspapers in education and citizen empowerment.

ANJ is a member of the following institutions:
WAN – World Association of Newspapers;
CENP – executive conceal of standard rules;
CONAR – national conceal of publicity rules


With head offices in Brasília, ANJ operates a small but fast-acting structure managed by an Executive Director. Under the oversight of and networking with this central office there are several focus committees whose members are all representatives of affiliated newspapers. They meet on a regular basis at various locations throughout the country in order to discuss and define actions conducive to the development and strengthening of Brazilian newspapers.  


Committees are involved with every issue and matter affecting Brazilian newspapers, such as:

- Freedom of the press.
- Corporate management.
- Increasing circulation and readership rate.
- Marketing.
- Government relations.
- International relations.
- Legal affairs.
- Technological innovation.
- Advertising.
- Editorial quality.
- Corporate responsibility.


ANJ is concerned with developing practical, concrete initiatives and services for the benefit of its members. Some of those services are:

- Legal assistance.
- Advisory services on legislative issues.
- Representation before the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of government.
- Research, surveys and statistics.
- Congresses, seminars and lectures.


ANJ Newspaper

This bimonthly publication – circulation 6  thousand – is sent to segments involved with the newspaper industry: communication managers, newspapers owners and editors, advertising agencies, advertisers, communication teachers, and government officials of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches. Its content consists of news, interviews, and stories about the industry.

ANJ Website

Totaling more than 25 thousand hits a month, the ANJ Website – www.anj.org.br – offers a wide variety of information and services: daily news clippings relative to the newspaper medium, laws, legal opinions, full mailing list of affiliated newspapers, surveys, calendar of events, lectures given at meetings, promotional calendar for advertisers, the content of the ANJ Newspaper, and much more.


The Newspaper and Education Program

Increasing reading rates in Brazil is a challenge for society in general and for newspapers in particular. The Newspaper and Education Program was designed to help our members develop actions specifically geared to stimulate the reading habit by using newspapers as educational tools. Sixty affiliates already run their own programs, benefiting almost 7 million children and adolescents throughout the country, and involving over 200 thousand teachers in 33 thousand schools.

Defense of Freedom of the Press Program

Freedom of speech is crucial in the exercise of journalism. To preserve it, ANJ monitors and denounces any actions undertaken against this right to which every member of society is entitled. The Defense of Freedom of the press Program produces annual reports that are acknowledged internationally.


ANJ holds meetings throughout the year. Participants are newspaper owners, editors, marketing professionals, advertising agencies, advertisers, art directors, communication teachers, and students. It offers seminars, congresses and workshops about a wide range of topics such as:

- Circulation.
- Readership loyalty.
- Technological innovation.
- Freedom of the press.
- The advertising marketplace.
- Newspaper management.


In accordance with its Bylaws, any commercial newspaper published in Brazil in the Portuguese language circulating daily or weekly is eligible to become a member of ANJ. Weeklies must be in uninterrupted circulation for the past three years.

ANJ is a member of the World Association of Newspapers – WAN, of the Standards Executive Board – CENP, and of the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Board – CONAR.

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