Helio Gama Neto

SLATE - 09/10/2019

Moisés Naím

L'information se trouve ces derniers temps dans une situation tout à fait étrange: elle est à la fois terriblement appréciée et dépréciée.


Mathew Ingram

Last week, The Verge published transcripts of two hours of audio leaked from a town hall with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. His comments included a reference to Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose plans to break up the company Zuckerberg called “an existential threat.”  Some wondered: Would Facebook try to put its thumb on the scale of the 2020 election by using its all-powerful news feed algorithm? And while that question was swirling, Facebook received blowback on another controversy: a recent decision to no longer fact-check political ads—including a Trump ad campaign that repeats unsubstantiated claims about Joe Biden.

DIGIDAY - 11/10/2019

Seb Joseph

Martin Sorrell was one of the most vocal critics of Google when he ran WPP. Now, he’s one of the search giant’s most vocal cheerleaders as his S4 Capital venture establishes itself as a business partner to the largest digital companies.

NIEMAN LAB - 10/10/2019


“Instead of thinking about platform companies as the next generation of newspapers, radio stations, or TV channels, we should see them as entirely new entities that shapeshift constantly. Sometimes they are like cities, newsrooms, post offices, libraries, or utilities — but they are always like advertising firms.”

CONJUR - 10/10/2019

Gabriela Coelho

O ministro Celso de Mello, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, aceitou, nesta quarta-feira (9/10) receber o Prêmio ANJ de Liberdade de Imprensa de 2019, como reconhecimento por sua defesa permanente da liberdade de imprensa ao longo de toda a sua trajetória de 30 anos na corte. A premiação ocorrerá no dia 11 de novembro, no Rio de Janeiro.

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