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Marie C. Baca
Some in media skeptical initiatives will help, raise concern of unintended consequences

Segunda, 16 Setembro 2019 20:17

The State of Fake News on Social Media in 2019

THE MANIFEST - 05/09/2019

“Fake news” is becoming both more widespread and convincing as social media’s reach expands and technology advances. Most people report seeing fake news on social media at least once a month, and although this negatively impacts people’s views of social media, it doesn’t deter them from using these platforms.

THE GUARDIAN - 137/09/2019

Dominic Rushe 
The US government’s investigations into big tech widened on Friday as lawmakers announced they were seeking internal documents from Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

THE GUARDIAN - 12/09/2019

Roy Greenslade
This is a story about a story. It is much more than that, however, because it is about the value of local journalism. Despite the slow death of newsprint and the hollowing-out of newsrooms across Britain and Ireland, it also illustrates why we must find a way to ensure the survival of local editorial teams.

THE GUARDIAN - 13/09/2019

The Guardian’s main YouTube channel has also registered more than 1 billion minutes of watch time

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