Helio Gama Neto

FORTUNE- 06/12/2019

Jonathan Vanian
Facebook has made a major advancement with its artificial intelligence software by teaching it to master Hanabi, a Solitaire-like card game that requires players to work together.

FORTUNE - 06/12/2019

Erik Sherman
A new report about Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Netflix—nicknamed the "Silicon Six" by the non-profit Fair Tax Mark—claims a major gap in the taxes they might be expected to owe and how much they actually pay.

THE VERGE - 06/12/2019

Colin Lecher
More than 18 months later

AMNESTY - 24/07/2019

Joe Westby, AI and Big Data Researcher, Amnesty Tech
Fue el escándalo que finalmente sacó a la luz el lado oscuro de la economía de macrodatos (también llamados big data) que sustenta Internet. “El gran hackeo”, un nuevo e impactante documental que se estrena hoy, cuenta desde dentro cómo una empresa, Cambridge Analytica, utilizó indebidamente datos personales de Facebook para dirigirse a personas concretas y manipular a los votantes indecisos en las elecciones estadounidenses.

Terça, 10 Dezembro 2019 18:04

The laws protecting our data are too weak

YAHOO - 05/12/2019

Daniel Cooper
The latest in a long line of privacy scandals happened last week, after Google was found to have been pulling unredacted data from one of America's largest healthcare providers to use in one of its projects. Despite assurances that it won't use this information to supplant its ad business, that's not the issue here. How was Google able to acquire this knowledge in the first place?