Helio Gama Neto

THE INTERCEPT - 03/04/2019

Sam Biddle

HOW EXACTLY FACEBOOK decides who sees what is one of the great pieces of forbidden knowledge in the information age, hidden away behind nondisclosure agreements, trade secrecy law, and a general culture of opacity. 

THE DAILY BEAST - 04/04/2019

Philip Obaji Jr.

In one Nigerian community, illiterate fathers have learned from their sons that Facebook is a good way to let buyers know their daughters are for sale.

HOLD FRONT PAGE - 03/04/2019

David Sharman

A regional daily has been recognised as the most trusted newspaper in the country, according to new national research.

VOX - 03/04/2019

Roger McNamee
Big Tech has sacrificed us in the pursuit of profit.

RECODE - 03/04/2019

Rani Molla and Peter Kafka
Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today It probably won’t look like this for long.