Helio Gama Neto

TECHCRUNCH -  03/01/2020

Natasha Lomas
Facebook  wants to be the arbiter of truth after all. At least when it comes to intentionally misleading deepfakes and heavily manipulated and/or synthesized media content, such as AI-generated photorealistic human faces that look like real people but aren’t.

BUZZFEED NEWS -  06/01/2020

One firm promised to “use every tool and take every advantage available in order to change reality according to our client's wishes.”

VICE - 23/12/2019

David Uberti

The right-wing site's influence has been massive during impeachment.


Sara Rafsky
Despite its designation as a global media capital, New York City has in recent years experienced many of the same challenges to its local news sector that smaller communities across the country have faced. Even as the city has seen a flowering in nonprofit news outlets and continues to maintain hundreds of community and ethnic media outlets, shuttered newsrooms, mass layoffs, and ownership consolidation have resulted, according to some reports, in a serious decline in the city’s news coverage.

FOLHA DE S.PAULO - 07/01/2020

O gigante das mídias sociais busca combater conteúdo falso modificado por ferramentas de inteligência artificial